Your First Visit

How to Prepare for Your First Acupuncture Session

After scheduling online, there will be a few forms to fill out ahead of time or in the office. Please bring reading glasses, if needed. Loose comfortable clothing such as yoga pants, running shorts, t-shirt, or other attire will allow me to access acupuncture points on legs, abdomen, arms, and back.  A gown, or draping with a sheet or towel will be provided as needed. For any acupuncture treatment, it is essential that patients have a little something in their stomachs. When visiting my office in downtown Boulder City, allow ample time to enjoy our local restaurants and other businesses before or after treatment!

My Practice

I tailor each treatment to the patient’s unique needs. By carefully listening, I will create a session that may include acupuncture, moxibustion or cupping as well as massage.  I frequently prescribe stretching or acupressure homework and make dietary recommendations. An herbal consultation will help us choose a formula that is appropriate for each patient.

The issues best addressed by my practice are chronic pain, recent injuries, surgery recovery, stress and its many manifestations, and rejuvenation. As a massage therapist with 18 years experience, I have had many successes in working with people who are in pain and who need support in dealing with the stress in their lives. I believe in treating patients before they get worse and in being part of their wellness team. However, if my services or specialties are not appropriate to a patient’s needs, are out of my scope of practice, or if their complaint would be better addressed by another practitioner, I am happy to refer out.

Patient Expectations

Whether you schedule online or on the phone, you will have received a confirmation via email or text. The office and treatment rooms are easily accessible to patients at all levels of mobility.

Acupuncture patients should expect a 15-30 minute consultation including Oriental Diagnosis where I will take their pulses, blood pressure, look at their tongue, and record their medical history. Orthopedic and other assessments are made on an as-needed basis. Massage patients have a significantly shorter intake. If massage patients wish to discuss their health from an OM standpoint, I encourage them to schedule additional time. I have a private bathroom with a shower, and I make certain to give patients privacy to undress and dress and stay nearby while patients are relaxing with needles. Patients will find my office to be clean, comfortable, and inviting. Table warmers, heat lamps and appropriate draping ensures that patients will not feel chilled during any treatment.

After Your Acupuncture Session

Acupuncture and Asian bodywork therapy can move a lot of qi and Blood, as well as open the body’s systems to change, so it is essential to drink plenty of water afterwards. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or other recreational drugs.  These substances are dehydrating and can have a stronger effect if taken the same day. Diabetic patients should monitor blood sugar after the session. Most important of all, after a deeply relaxing session, patients are advised avoid strenuous exercise, vexatious persons or negative input and to pay attention to anything that feels different over the next 48 hours. If anything feels painful, uncomfortable or just “off” – PLEASE contact me! Everybody reacts differently, and I will want to know how each patient is feeling after their first session in particular.



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