What Asian Bodywork Therapy styles does Dr. Anita Lanier offer?

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Asian Bodywork Therapy & Massage

Asian Bodywork Therapy differs from Swedish or Deep tissue massage in that it is done clothed and the body’s energetic systems – the channels or meridians and acupoints or tsubos – are addressed along with the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. My ABT training was from the San Francisco School of Massage, the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, numerous continuing education classes, and of course Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine. I have continued to read and learn from videos, books, and receiving bodywork sessions from colleagues and other professionals around the country.

On a low massage table, wearing loose clothing, your tsubos or acupressure points receive special attention as I apply pressure along the 12 meridians using my palms, thumbs, and elbows. Shiatsu can be done with strong, deep pressure, or delivered with a gentler palming pressure. Either way, it is a bodywork style offered with conscious touch. Savor a sense of openness after receiving this modality from Japan.

As you lie face-up, clothed on a padded massage table, I will take your pulses and hold points to encourage your qi to move, promoting a state of well-being and balance. Jin Shin Do acupressure is a wonderful alternative for patients leery of needles, but needing specific health issues to be addressed. From Acupressure Way of Health, by Iona Teeguarden, “Jin Shin Do, which revolves around a traditional Japanese acupressure art, literally means ‘The Way of the Compassionate Spirit.'”

Tui Na
On a table, clothed as above, let me loosen up your sinews and joints with stretching, shaking, range of motion, gliding, grasping, and percussive movements. Better experienced than described. Relish a state of relaxed alertness after this Chinese modality!