Update to Office Policies

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The following will be added immediately as #13:  Please Share Your Health Information in the Treatment Room Only. Moving to my new space on Elm Street has been the best decision I have made since going to online scheduling. I love the quiet of Elm Street, my office mates massage therapists Kathleen Wall and Nichole Snashall have given me the collegiality I have missed. I’m enjoying the camaraderie of local business owner neighbors to my right and left. Most of all, I adore having a larger space.

You may remember at the small one-room space at Milo’s I used to handle all tasks in the treatment room itself. Here at the Center I clearly have to wear two hats. Please think of it this way: at my front desk I’m my own receptionist and in the treatment room I’m the doctor. Because I have two rooms now, louder conversation may possibly be heard by patients or other practitioners in earshot. So just as you wouldn’t give the receptionist at any doctor’s office an update on your health, please refrain from sharing your health information while we are outside of the treatment room. Only in the treatment room can I fully focus on your remarks once I have you and your patient records in front of me.

The same goes for curb-side consults. Again, I love living in a small town, and am happy to exchange a smile and a wave with patients once we’ve made eye contact, but if you bump into me at one of Boulder City’s events, the grocery store or at a restaurant, please keep our exchange at a simple hello or non health-related subjects. Exchanging health information – even a quick remark about your neck, hip, allergies, etc. – outside of the treatment room puts me in the position of violating patient confidentiality, a big no-no.

Make sense?

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!