The Noble Spirit Documentary Features Acupuncture for ALS

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Seeing positive and effective acupuncture treatment on film is a joy to me as an Oriental Medicine Doctor.  This year at the Dam Short Film Festival, the story of Fred Noble in The Noble Spirit documentary was made even more inspiring by the beautiful work in Oriental Medicine by Maxine Dipasquale DAOM. Her acupuncture treatment not only relieved his pain, but also helped release past childhood trauma. The Noble Spirit won Best Documentary Award winner at the Dam Short Film Festival and deservedly so. It recounts the journey of extreme sports pioneer and adventurer Fred Noble, who was stricken the ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2010, and follows the progression of the disease. Indomitable is too small a word to describe Fred’s spirit in the face of this terrible disease. His positive, scrappy, fearless attitude is inspiring as it is humbling. I had tears in my eyes throughout the telling of his story. Most importantly, Fred Noble was instrumental in generating funding to find a cure for ALS, so with that, and this film, his legacy lives on.