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Should Acupuncturists Wear Gloves?

Posted by on February 11, 2013 in Update | Comments Off

Here is an Op-Ed piece by the same author of the previous article.  While wearing gloves to REMOVE needles is part of the Clean Needle Technique that we acupuncturists receive training in while still in school, wearing them to insert the thin, delicate needles, impedes our dexterity and ability to palpate the often very small target area. Less dexterity means greater danger of injury to the patient, but no risk of infection as the needles we use are single use and sterile. If a needle is incorrectly inserted (off the point, or uncomfortable to the patient), then it is discarded and a new one is used. The overall tone of both articles is trivializing and not only that, he misquotes his own previous article …



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