Services & Pricing


Henderson – $100/90 min Initial acupuncture treatment; $80 follow-up
Boulder City – $110/90 min Initial acupuncture treatment; $70 follow-up

$135/90 min


Oriental Medicine Services

Using single-use, sterile, stainless steel needles, acupuncture is a safe method used to alleviate pain, manage stress, reduce inflammation, and encourage the body to use its own resources to promote healing and balance.

Moxibustion is the application of heat to acupuncture points or areas of the body using moxa, usually made from the herb mugwort, to treat and prevent health conditions.  Moxibustion is administered with cigar like sticks, or formed into cones and placed on another medium, or sometimes placed at the handles of the needles themselves.

Cupping Therapy
Using Oriental Medical Cups, this technique uses suction and negative pressure to pull gently on the body’s tissues, releasing tension throughout the layers, moving qi & blood, and draining lymphatic pathways. Or, during cold season, or other sudden changes to one’s condition, the cups may be parked for several minutes on the back, clearing congestion of phlegm, fluids, blood and qi!

Herbal Medicine
Herbs are an important component of a comprehensive Oriental Medicine treatment plan. Let’s discuss your health concerns to find or create an herbal formula, make appropriate and do-able changes to your diet, or use single herbs to help you on your path to wellness.

Asian Bodywork Therapy 

On a low massage table, wearing loose clothing, your tsubos or acupressure points receive special attention as I apply pressure along the 12 meridians using my palms, thumbs, and elbows. Savor a sense of openness after receiving this modality from Japan.

As you lie face-up, clothed on a padded massage table, I will take your pulses and hold points to encourage your qi to move, promoting a state of well-being and balance.

Tui Na
On a table, clothed as above, loosen up your sinews and joints with stretching, shaking, range of motion, gliding, grasping, and percussive movements. Relish a state of relaxed alertness after this Chinese modality!


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