Services & Pricing


$100 Initial acupuncture treatment
$80 follow-up


Oriental Medicine Services

Using single-use, sterile, stainless steel needles, acupuncture is a safe method used to alleviate pain, manage stress, reduce inflammation, and encourage the body to use its own resources to promote healing and balance.

Cupping Therapy
Using Oriental Medical Cups, this technique uses suction and negative pressure to pull gently on the body’s tissues, releasing tension throughout the layers, moving qi & blood, and draining lymphatic pathways. Or, during cold season, or other sudden changes to one’s condition, the cups may be parked for several minutes on the back, clearing congestion of phlegm, fluids, blood and qi!

Herbal Medicine
Herbs are an important component of a comprehensive Oriental Medicine treatment plan. Let’s discuss your health concerns to find or create an herbal formula, make appropriate and do-able changes to your diet, or use single herbs to help you on your path to wellness.



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