Changes to my Office Policies

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Every once in awhile I need to update my policies for further clarity, to address a new issue I hadn’t thought of and to keep current with best practices. Here they are:

Anita Lanier Wellness PLLC Office Policies


  1. Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice of cancellation prior to scheduled treatment.  A $25 fee will be invoiced in the event of a no-show or cancelling with less than 12 hours’ notice. In lieu of the $25 fee, donations of canned food (4 minimum) for Emergency Aid of Boulder City are also accepted. Second-time infractions will result in not being permitted to book online.
  2. Payments and Reimbursements: Payment is due at the time of treatment. Cash, check, Paypal, and major credit cards are all accepted as payment. I do not bill insurance, but I will provide a superbill for patients to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.
  3. Receipts: Paper receipts are given for all cash or check payments, credit card receipts are sent electronically for patients to print out if they wish. It is the patient’s responsibility to retain receipts for recordkeeping.
  4. Cell Phones: Kindly turn off your phone or put on silent during your session. As a courtesy to others in earshot, do not use your cell phone in the reception area. Please wait until your appointment is completely finished before checking messages or returning phone calls.
  5. Medical Information: Inform me in writing if there are any changes in your medical care, condition, or medications.
  6. Gift Certificates are available for bodywork services only. If the appointment time is not honored by the holder of the Gift Certificate it is considered redeemed. Gift Certificates are transferrable to other individuals, but inform me in advance if you donate it to an organization.
  7. Noise:  Conversation from outside the treatment room or neighboring businesses may be audible during your session. Noise-cancellation headphones are available on request.
  8. Comfort:  Please speak up if you are hot, cold, pillow is off, or are experiencing any pain or discomfort. Use the bell provided if you need assistance while resting with needles.
  9. Talking:  For safety, keep conversation to a minimum during needling and needle removal.
  10. Guests:  A family member or friend of the patient remaining in the room during treatment must refrain from unnecessary movement or conversation.  No pets allowed, except service animals.
  11. Tipping:  This is a medical practice and gratuities are not accepted.
  12. Phone calls, emails and texts: I prefer FullSlate for scheduling, but text, or phone calls are fine. You may email me to clarify questions regarding treatment, but save complex questions for your next appointment.
  13. I can only offer treatment, herbal medicine, or recommendations within the scope of Oriental Medicine to patients under my direct care – not to the patients’ parents, children, co-workers, spouses, or pets.
  14. Your health information is only to be shared or discussed in my treatment room. Kindly refrain from discussion in reception area. Please no curbside consults ‘round town.
  15. Your satisfaction is important to me. I welcome any and all constructive feedback to improve your experience. Online reviews on Yelp, Facebook, etc., are appreciated.